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23jan14 Thurs Texture chlg

23jan14 Thurs Texture chlg

I knew when I read 'texture' I was going to use Brandy's new Wooden styles! I just had to find a photo that allowed them as well as having good texture of it's own... I think this works :-).  This cart was at the Museum in Burra, a collection of country and regional artefacts from a bygone era...

    Fabulous, Jody!!!!!!!!!   Love this!  So much texture  I think you should frame this one!

    This is stunning!!! I love everything about it. Perfect photo for that texture. Just splendid.

    Great page! It's a wonderful photo, and I love all the fantastic texture you've given it. Nicely done! Thanks for taking part in the challenge! :)

    I like the rustic feel that the wooden textures give this page and agree that the photo is perfect for them! You've made the page very warm and almost touchable!

    Fantastic layout!  Love it.

    The rich colors and wooden look are so real, I almost feel like if I touch it I could get a splinter.

    Sure does work and I love the wooden texture you added to your page, Jode - it's fabulous!   Super title and simple embellishments, too.   Lovely layout.  :)

    I would love to know how you did this layout.

    Very clever - love the effect!

    Nailed it! You are too clever. Another awesome LO.