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HNC one photo fo my old house

HNC one photo fo my old house

I loved my old house that we lived in for over 25 years but it was too big for 2 people. I used a antique style layer over the color layer and them erased where my rhodendrons and azaleas were so the wonderful color showed.
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    It looks like it was a fabulous home. I like how you kept the color of the flowers and the stitching around the edge of the page adds a nice touch.

    Your home was so beautiful! I like how you aged your photo and then let the flowers show through. Like the brush work of the older lady --adds character and nostalgia.

    How fortunate you are to have had such a  beautiful home for all those years.  The flower gardens are so lovely and you must have had wonderful times on those patios and porches.  Great job on your page, the antiqued style works so nicely and I like your lady image in the corner.  Such a pretty page. 

    Great treatment on the photo - gives it a wonderful 'aged' look.  I love the key, tag and heart at the bottom of the embellishment group.

    What a beautiful and elegant house! I love how you've given the page an aged feel, so appropriate for the home, and pretty, too. Lovely page.

    I'd love that house too...these older homes have such personality. I dread the day I have to give up mine.

    Would love to be on that  front porch with a good book....I love the cluster on the side.