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SwapRight edited 1

SwapRight edited 1

Here's the right page, a portrait of this cute and cuddly little guy.
Supplies in EXIF file.

    Great page...I have a Shih-Tzu also and just love him to pieces. I love the brushwork on this and the second page is great with all the journaling.  Just wonderful LO's.

    Oh, what a cutie! I love the texture around the edges of the photo and your pretty background.

    Very sweet layout. A very sweet dog. I like all the different textures you have used. I like the mask and how you have treated to highlight Trey.

    Trey's portrait is definitely frame-worthy!  Great job!

    Absolutely adorable! I love the frame and the background patterns. Beautiful job!! Thanks for joining the swap!

    I love how you took the photo and added some type of filter or style to make it look more like a painting. Great textures around the outside to disguise some of the background and put the focus on Trey. Outside the frame, the background coordinates so well with the opposite page. I just love the wire accent and the diamonds that fade into the background. Thanks for doing such a lovely job with my photos!

    Cute photo, I love the treatment you gave it Ann.  I love the background.

    Trey is such a beautiful animal. I love the two pages that you did. 

    Awwww...lucky puppy.