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Swap Left edited 1

Swap Left edited 1

And the left page.  This was such a warm and fuzzy story...as is Trey.  Loved working with these wonderful photos.  Hope you like what I've done, Karen!
Supplies in EXIF properties.

    Oh, what a sweet face!  Ann, I love all the details (the buttons, the ribbons, the blending).  Wonderful spread.

    Chat a cute couple! Looks like Trey did win the lottery. I can't understand how someone could put down a perfectly healthy dog. Lovely background and the photos flow from one to the other beautifully.

    Beautiful LO....and their loss is Your gain.....Sad but to so many people a dog is just a dog.  To we lucky ones they are "Family"

    Wow what an amazing story. But now he he looks happy and has a pal. Perfect life for a puppy!

    Love it! Wonderful story and it is beautifully scrapped.

    It's wonderful, Ann! I love what you did with those adorable photos.

    What a  moving story. I'm so glad Trey was saved. I love the embellishments and the notepaper!

    Ann, you did a wonderful job with my photos! The pages are so colorful with lots of interesting details. Can't wait to get them printed.

    Wonderful photos.  I love the ribbon and ric-rac border.  Great two pages Ann.

    What an amazing story. I love the photos and the template. Lovely embellishments.