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January 2014 Scrapgirls Club Kit - REALLY?

January 2014 Scrapgirls Club Kit - REALLY?

We received the photo in this layout yesterday in our email.  I just had to make a scrapbook page about it.  The new baby on the way is our 27th grandchild and we are so excited about it.
The Eviction Notice reads:
"Please note that you are required to vacate the premises within 30 weeks, as the new tenant is
expected to move in on September 9, 2014.  (A new bed will be provided for you.)
The Department of Family Planning"
MRE - Endless Posibilities - January 2014 Scrapgirls Club Kit
Font - Josefin Slab

    This is hilarious 'Eviction Notice!' and the look of pain on that precious one's face is great!  love it and you are ahead of me on the number of grandchildren--we are waiting for number 20 any day now. What a note! from the Department of Family Planning! You made my night!

    That is about the most creative way of sharing the news that I have ever seen!  So Cute!!  Congratulations on your news! and the layout is super cute too!

    Oh this is just super and what a clever way of announcing that happy news!    The photo is hilarious and the announcement even more creative!     Your layout and title is wonderful and this is such a happy page ---- despite that adorable, quivering, sad little face!   Thanks for sharing.  :)

    I agree with Amy -- super-creative way to share the news. Cute LO and congrats on your new grand-baby!

    OMG, that is sooo cute! Congratulations and super cute layout! I love the pout!

    What a cute and clever idea for sharing the news and you scrapped it beautifully. Congratulations on the new grandchild. I thought 6 was a lot. ;)

    That is so funny! That pouty face is priceless!

    This is awesome, clever, funny and so cute. I love it. I agree, the photo is priceless.

    How funny! You have made a priceless page. You have made crying adorable!

    Oh my word, so cute and so funny! Probably the most creative baby announcement I've ever seen, LOL! So adorable. Congratulations on the future grandbaby (and the other 26 as well!)