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Sara 9 years Old

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Sara 9 years Old

I've found so many treasures going through my Daddy's papers and such.  I had forgotten all about this pic until I found that he had saved it all these years - and I know it was when I was 9 years old because that's the year I got my ears pierced!  He left me so many wonderful memories that he had hidden away all of these years.  No earrings in yet though - the doctor made us wear translucent "catgut" in them until they healed!!!!  
Ah, the good old days!  So much simpler now to have one's ears pierced.

    Sara this is precious!   What a special photo and find to have now and I can tell that's you even though you are so young!   Beautiful blending and  gorgeous background on your pretty page and YOU!   Lovely.. :)

    Your layout is very pretty. The colours are beautiful and I like the green scrolling along the edges. How kind of your father to leave you beautiful memories. It seems your relationship with your father was special and it is a blessing that you are able to scrap these memories.
    Sara this is so lovely. How wonderful that your Daddy left you all these precious memories to find. You still have just the same sweet smile.

    Awww, you were such a cutie! What a sweet find. I like how you blended the photo into the swirly background. I can't imagine wearing "catgut" in my ears! I never knew that's how they used to do it. Yes, so much easier to have your ears pierced now!

    So cool. when I saw this in the gallery I thought that looks like Sara... What a wonderful treasure to find! Lucky.

    What a beautiful photo! I'm so glad you are finding treasures!

    This is a wonderful photo and Dutch a treasure to find it now! I love your blending and colour voices for this.

    Sara, this is wonderful.  What a blessing to find treasures like this one. 

    Such a happy, lively treatment for your photo.  It has a lot of positive energy and makes me smile.  I like the blending and the colours.

    Oh Sara, such a beautiful LO. I love the way you have blended your photo with the pretty patterned paper. I like the color of your photo - wonder if you did that or it was the original sepia. Either way, it works splendidly with the page. You are a beautiful woman so it is no surprise that you were a beautiful girl - such a sweet expression. Love it!!!