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Project Life 2013 October

Project Life 2013 October

Here's my October 1 2013, trying to get to the finish!   :)
Journaling reads:
More new homes for Hospice Bears... Conkie's lake... Calendar Hybrid ATC... Ro's house, finally :)...  House painted... Day with Ayla...  WCMD...  Juliet Soccer...  Dentist...   Challenging Yoga... Watercolor Class...   Deb's Job Hunts... Walks...   

For this layout I used:
SNU SS DLO Templates:  Life in Pictures
KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels
STI Fall Watercolors Collection Mini
and my own photos

    I really like how you're including some of your digital work too. Looks great!

    Great job here I love the back ground too.

    More great photos!  The hospice bears are cool, too.

    Love the rich colors of the background. The poster(?) in the corner looks really neat.

    Great idea to use a photo for your background! I love the colors in this page.

    I love the template. You got lots of photos in without being cluttered. Lovely layout to look at.