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Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings

This was a fun challenge. I was inspired by Saturday Color Chanllenge 3/16/2013 by LauraS
I liked the clean lines and negative space. 
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    Adorable photos. The kids look like they are really enjoying those sculptures.  Great scraplift, too! I agree about the clean lines and negative space. They look lovely here. 

    Aww...she is kissing the duck...so precious. Great display for you pictures. nice.

    Oh wow, those littlies are big now! Love these fun sculptures, where I live we have bronze pigs, snouts in the bin and snuffling for rubbish as our art! Your kids would have loved it! Really nice scraplift, the set of 3 photos tells the story beautifully and the white space really helps keep our attention where it should be.  Well done!

    Wonderful photos and a fantastic scraplift.  Love the background with the hint of green.  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    Oh, I love that book!   Your photos are sweet and I like the background and pieces you chose.  Lovely work!  :)

    Cute photos and great colors. I love the swirl and white space.