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I looked at this layout and right next door was this adorable page by Karen (scrapgram)... I used the template she used as a starting point, made it about a book and then went off on a different tangent... but she INSPIRED me!

I have a love of cookbooks and until I had kids you would always find me in the kitchen - especially at exam time, I claimed it was stress relief but it was more likely procrastinating from swotting... lol. Nigel Slater is an English author and he is my absolute favourite chef in the world, the way he writes has me drooling and his recipes are to die for! It is early morning here and I am already planning my lunch haha.














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Very nicely done scraplift. I like the brush you have used behind the photo and good placement of the tied strings.

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Great page - love the bows and the tab in the top left corner - might just have to try that recipe over the weekend if it continues to rain!

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This just proves how other members layouts can inspire you. I've got a Nigel Slater cookbook somewhere, I'll have to find it out. Love your layout, especially the colours and the string. Glad you included the recipe too!

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What time is tea??? I'm saving this recipe for Henry. Thanks. I love how you scrapped it. The strings on the layout really look great.

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