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31 Jan 2014The Wild Side

Friday Scraplift

31 Jan 2014The Wild Side

I was inspired by  Jo's Alta and the Ducks from the Digital Scrapbooking Day 2013
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    I LOVE your photo and layout! I've picked cotton as a child to earn pocket money. I really like the borders of the photo and all of your background, too. Glad you like PSE 12.

    My dad's farm has cotton some years, it looks like snow on the roadside at harvest. What's worse is sugar cane! Miserable to get stuck behind a cane truck, slow-moving and messy. :) I like your botanical paper and contrasting borders. Cute title!

    I don't think I've ever seen cotton growing wild.  Love your choice of colours and papers.  A wonderful scraplift.  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    I LOVE this Laraine! We went through the cotton growing areas a few weeks after harvest and missed seeing all those white fluffy fields... :-( The kids and I scrambled out the car every time we went past a cotton plant on the side of the road to grab a piece! Your photos are so true to life and so well captured, funny how cotton grows in those conditions! Love how you used Menagerie here, it fits perfectly with the theme, and you do such great (Aussie) layouts! Is this your PSE12 layout??

    This is a super page. It is really cool that you can see it growing wild like that.Thanks for sharing

    Wow, this is so cool Laraine - you see the NEATEST things in Australia!  And, when I first saw your pics I thought it was snow and got confused.  (Got snow-on-the-brain, here!).    Lovely photos and great journaling.   Lovely work and good for you working in a new program too.   You make me want to be brave and take the plunge.  :)

    I love your photos and pretty borders. Pretty background paper.