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Unexpected Visitor Saturday Color Challenge 2/01

Unexpected Visitor Saturday Color Challenge 2/01

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    Cool page, Lei! I love your great photos, and the touches of red are just perfect. Sweet layout!

    Such great close up photos Lei!  I love the polka dot background and the contrasting polka dot ribbon.  Such a cute subject, even if he was unwanted!  Great layout for the color challenge.  Thank you for participating! 

    Good pictures of the "little thiefs"...they rob my feeders all the time...but they are so cute.

    Great page

    What a character! Great photos and arrangement. I love the polka dots, especially the ribbon looped and stapled. Cute title and cluster, too. Love it!

    What great photos you have captured and what a special visitor.  Nice use of red for your well done page. 

    I am glad I read the comments as I wondered why he was on your letterbox! How incredible to get these photos - I am glad you said 'unexpected' and not unwanted'. Love that subtle red, it shows the little guy off perfectly. 

    I love your photos and the polka dot photo. Pretty cluster and  embellishments.

    You took some great photos! I love the red polka dot patterns on the paper and ribbon; they really bring life to the winter scene. Cute cluster, too and a beautiful page.

    Great photos, Lei.  I love your red dot mat and ribbon, and the greenery around the title block.  However, I must quibble about your choice to title.  Where we live, if bird seed is available, or even if it's not, squirrels are inevitable.  : )

    Love this  LO.....I have the same critter kids and the same bird feeder in my yard...I have a photo of my squirrel hanging between the tree and feeder in my week 5 P365 LO....your photo is much better than mine tho I had to take mine from inside,.......Aren't they fun to watch?  I just love them.....LOLLOLOL  I just love the one of him hanging down and looking under the feeder !!!!!!!