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Saturday color - 1st Feb - Year Of The Dog

Saturday color - 1st Feb - Year Of The Dog

I decided to also work with the Chinese Zodiac signs for my page as I have never scrapped this piece of information before. 
For credits please see EXIF

    How cool! My mum and I are the same Chinese Zodiac too, and only a day apart! The colours are very eye catching and I like how you included the photos to tell the story, great work!

    Great story! I really love howyou use the Chinese Zodia signs, never thought of doing that. Colors eally bring out your photos and I love your tag with the dates on. Great Alpha's

    How nice to be born in year of the dog. I was born in the year of the Rat. Who wants to be a rat.

    I love the colors and photos. Lovely font.

    I am definitely seeing red! :D  Loving the contrast of the b&w photos on this layout.

    How cool that you all have the same Chinese zodiac sign! I love the reds you used and the way you embellished the journal paper.

    I really like the curled paper!  The deckle frames are perfect on your black and white photos.  What a great topic to scrap.

    Great journaling....very interesting

    I love this page Ann Marie and how cool is that to have all three of you born in the year of the dog.  Your photos are precious and so very special and so is your layout. :)

    I really like the frames around your pictures.  I also like the paper curls!  Wonderful page.

    Your title lured me into your page!  Great idea to scrap the Chinese Zodiac.  Enjoyed reading the journaling. The frames you used are great--a must-have. Nice touch on two colors of curled BG paper and simple embellishments!  Really like this page and your idea.