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Week 34 August 18-22

Crazy busy week!

Journaling: Sunday Cathrine had a friend over for a dinner and bike ride. Monday I wrote an article for the newsletter, bustled the wedding dress, steamed the tulle chair bows, and made a Costco run with Cathrine. Tuesday Joseph and David arrived and I had a housecleaning company come in. Wednesday Charlotte and I helped arrange flowers for the centerpieces. Annette and Charlotte went for manicures and pedicures in the afternoon and that evening we went to the temple with Charlotte. Thursday we put up the decorations and moved the potted plants over from the house. Joseph's family helped a lot. Katie baked lots of goodies for us. That afternoon, Charlotte and Joseph had their formal photos at the Rose Garden and in downtown Portland.


Thanks for looking!

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Wow, that is a lot of busy people in those photos! Great photos and journaling, April and I liked seeing all the wedding prep! :)

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