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Well here is my first layout for Project 52 for 2014. I'm going to try to keep up this year. Will only be doing one a month with the highlights. Supplies in EXIF.

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Wow, great work and lovely page Belle. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed your journaling. So good to see Elani smiling that beautiful smile and looking so BIG! :) I like the background and colors you used. Great start to the year.

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Great page Belle! Love the photos of the kids and their grins, especially Elani, how good is that surgeon!?! as for the firey - will he come put out fires in Australia... whew it is getting hot in here. Like poor Henry - men never learn do they?? Love your page, well done!

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I really like how you set this page up...it tells a great story. I especially like the hot poppers..ha... cute photo.

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