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Art Journal - Finding New

Supplies listed in properties. Hidden journaling reads -

I want to embrace the new of each day - try something new, learn something new, contribute something new, be something new. It isn't always easy finding the new in each day. Sometimes fears of being measured stifle my creativity. Other times I find that age and accumulated knowledge waters down my sense of curiosity. But I know that finding the new is a personal decision, a daily journey, and a profound, life changing event. These moments of new alone are not big, life changing events. But in discovering the new in every day I change the pattern of my life stitch by stitch.


Thanks Marilyn and Jode for a great challenge. TFL.

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OHhhh.... Karen this is lovely. I just got back from tiring errands, logged on and your beautiful layout refreshed me! I enjoyed reading your journaling notes, they are so inspiring and although you hid them well I thank you for sharing them with us. I love your softly blended background and the colors and textures you used along with so many relevant and symbolic pieces. I especially like the clocks and butterflies but my very favorite part is that cute and pouting little angel frowning on top of the idealistic, dreamer. She looks JUST like I did when I started thinking about "new". Awesome layout and thanks for joining in the challenge and adding your special NEW creation to the Art Journaling Gallery! :)

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Fantastic page...the colors are wonderful and you have suprise after surpise in each inch...it is really a wonderful AJ LO. I think all the wonderful things you have put on this one page. Splendid!!!

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This is fabulous! I love the images, especially the clocks and the girls, one smiling, one frowning. Isn't that so true about how we feel about newness and change? The colors you used are lovely. Thanks for sharing your journaling, too.

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Amazing! Your LO is so full of beautiful symbols and all so beautifully blended into a cohesive unit. I am in awe! I must say, grumpy girl with butterfly wings is wonderful!

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I also love all of your butterflies and the pretty watercolor feel of your page. Love the angel's declaration of believe in your dreams overcoming the fear of change. Very creative.

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This is stunning, Karen. The colors are so vibrant and the clocks, butterflies, and bird add a wonderful touch of time flying. I loved reading your journaling and may you never lose the need to find something 'new' in life and to believe in your dreams. That's what keeps us all going.

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Wowie wowowwow!!! How beautiful is THIS!?! Not only is it so intricately built and layered, but it is visually delightful too! The colours and the imagery, from the tape measure to the watches to the little lady in the middle with that fabulous cog over one eye it is just so wonderful... your journaling is a life mantra for all of us. Love it.

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