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These are so much fun!  I always have a hard time getting started, but have found that if I just sit down, open a document and start playing with backgrounds, the rest seems to just flow together.  Thanks for another fun challenge.  The journaling reads:
So, what’s new, you ask?  What’s new is that I am suddenly OLD!!  
Actually, "suddenly" is an exaggeration.  It's taken 70 years to be old.
It's a status that you fear as it approaches, but you can't stop it  And you really don't want to.  Now that it's here, I have found a NEW contentment and a NEW joy in life.  There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to see.  I try not to waste a single minute of the NEW me!
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    Wow this is a wonderful meaningful page. All the colors are splendid and the quote is oh so true "new is the new Old" Love this LO.

    Oh Ann this is lovely and so from-the-heart and whimsical all at the same time! I so enjoyed reading your journaling, it's wonderful and I love how you made it part of your design and gorgeously blended background. I really like the colors and different symbols you used and your title is super.   But, I especially like your sihouette blended into the corner, I can almost feel you musing about "new" and collecting your thoughts.   Happy to see your clock, too.  Awesome layout and thanks for joining in the challenge and adding your special NEW creation to the Art Journaling Gallery!   :)

    Beautiful, heartfelt sentiment. I love your page.

    Ooo I LIKE that - your journaling is brilliant and I particularly like the wings on the clock.  Have fun with all your new opportunities - I wish I had time to do all the new things on my wish list!

    I agree with zebidee75 above: your journaling is brilliant. I love your title especially and want to cut it out and tape it to the 'fridge. :)  I really enjoy your art journaling pages.

    Amazing - this really hits home. You have put into words so many of the feelings I'm having at this time in my life. You have blended your photo into the background beautifully, making it such a personal page. Hats off to you, Ann - you're obviously getting better each new day!

    So, what’s new, you ask?  What’s new is that I am suddenly OLD!!  
    Actually, "suddenly" is an exaggeration.  It's taken 70 years to be old.   :giggle_bear:This is so funny and true.

    I love the silhouette photo of you and the clock in the background. Lovely journaling and colors. I also like the clown figure.

    Wonderful page Ann, so confident and honest.  Love the depth  you've created in your background and the clock for time flying by.  Love it.

    Oh Ann, this is just wonderful.  Great photo of you blended into the background and all those beautiful deep rich colors.  I enjoyed reading your journaling, which is very poignant.  I feel the same way:  "So, what’s new, you ask?  What’s new is that I am suddenly OLD!!  Actually, "suddenly" is an exaggeration.  It's taken me 70 years to be old."  In my case it's taken me 67 years to be old, but I'll catch up to you soon Ann.

    Wonderful title and journaling! It sets the scene for this clever page... the silhouette treatment on the photo (altered photos are fine by me!), the layered contentment embellishment and the wonderfully bright vibrant papers peeking through... your page is fabulous and it really reflects the Ann I know. Big grin.