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Project Life November 2013 1

Almost finished with 2013! Here's my November 1.

Journaling reads:

"NSD, more chats!... Finally Autumn... 2X week Acupunture & Moxa - lots of Yuck & sleeping... Banged head & wore two different sneakers!... Dawn's Classroom...DePaolo's-Mom's Name... Shore with Deb & Carol... Karen's Surgery... OWH Cards... Denise's Surprise Party... Conk & forms... Ro's house raised & Gilbert's painted... Painting... Lunch With Auntie Sue & Conk...Ali Home! Henry's Open House & Ali tried Acupuncture!... "

For this layout I used:

ABR SS Embellishment Templates: Edge Them

AFT Brush Set Grungy Lace Alpha

BMU Dinner Party Collection Biggie

and my own photos

  Report Image


Great page, lots to look at as always, you have such great photos! I love matching everything up and Ali is very brave for trying Acupuncture!! Love that Lion and those nature shots.

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I love catching up and seeing what you've been up to through your PL pages...even if it's a few months later:) Gorgeous sunset and beautiful foliage photo! Yikes! Ouchy on the banged head:( Your 2 different sneakers made me giggle:) Hope the Acupuncture is working some magic on you!

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