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07feb14 Fri Scraplift challenge - a favourite

In her Ultimate Artist action tutorial Brandy demonstrates how to obtain the looks she does - one of these involves Poppies and uses the watercolour brush... I lifted that... then I couldn't find it in the Gallery :-(



BMU_UltimateArtist Action and Styles




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Absolutely stunning. I love the photo and action. I think I don't use actions enough. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Wow! and Wow again. This turned out great! I remember that tutorial and I guess I'd better watch it again and maybe learn something, lol.

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Beautiful page! Wonderful colors and great use of the action. I have that action and it is soooo much fun! I love how your page turned out! :)

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This is just amazing, Jody. You have used the action to create an outstanding effect. I'm going to have to try this. Your scraplift from a favorite just became one of my new favorites! :)

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