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Project Life December 2013 2

Project Life December 2013 2

Here's my December 1. I made it to the end of the year!   :)
Journaling reads:
"Judi here... Family Christmas Day... Annual Cousins' 12/26 Target!... Lots of visiting... I crashed... My Juliet's New Years Nails!... Judi leaves... New Years Eve with many dear ones..."  

For this layout I used:
MRE SS Embellishment Templates: Windowpane Frames
CRO Altered Xmas Paper
KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels
ABR Altered Xmas Embellishments

    Loved your Project Life holiday pages.  You were super busy and it was fun to read about your time spent with family and friends.  

    Love the energy and fun in your photos. That nail polish is so cute. Great page!

    Love how you included all the little embellishments that we have so enjoyed throughout the holiday season - the cousins cookies, the Christmas elf and the Skinny Santas!.  The nails look great, that girl sure has talent! Nice to see you ended your year as it began, with the same loved ones.  Congratulations on finishing 2013, you did a wonderful job!

    Sorry, I have not commented on more of your lovely pages.  You have set the photos out well. Those nails look good. I like the family gathering photos... so nice to get together with loved ones at Christmas. Nicely done pages and not over done with too many embellishments. 

    Fun photos!  I especially like the fingernails and napping ones.  I like the cheery artsy background, too.