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Project Life December 2013 1

Project Life December 2013 1

Here's my December 2.   2013 is officially finished!   :)
Journaling reads:
"Time with Conkie... Matt & Ali sleep over... Chris turns 25!... Name & a week of Masses... One year Mass & remembrance breakfast for Mom... Acupuncture & more acupuncture & reactions... Terry's tree... AJ Chat... "FUN" & dinners with DebKaren... Cousins' Cookie Bake... Ali's home & My Christmas Elf... Skinny Santas & stuffoli... Saturday with Ro... Verizon again, GGRRrrrrrr... "

For this layout I used:
MRE SS Embellishment Templates: Windowpane Frames
CRO Altered Xmas Paper
KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels
ABR Altered Xmas Embellishments

    You win! I am still in November. :-)

    Now if my hard drive hadn't crashed this morning, I might have had a better chance.

    Congratulations on completing the year! Love your page and the artsy feel of the frames Great mix of photos. That is a neat way to remember your mom too. Thomas had acupuncture last year too and it worked pretty well for him.

    Awesome accomplishment! You leave a high goal for the rest of us! Congratulations and great work! :-)

    A sad anniversary but yet an uplifting page... I enjoyed seeing Chris and DeeDee's page again and I cannot believe your little Chris is 25! How wonderful to see his life opening up and still including you.  Loved Ali being home as I remember her being your Christmas Elf right when you needed her most and those little darlings with the reindeer, how cute! The acupuncture makes me squirm but I could look at that little bear page all day... You did a wonderful job finishing 2013.  Take a bow!

    It's good to remember the fun and the harder times.  You made it through!  Congratulations!