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Homecoming: Lost in Space

Brandy Murry's One Yellow Paper was the inspiration for this layout. I admire the way she uses blending to create her amazing layouts, and I a following her lead to work on my techniques.












BHA_BlsmBlm_Winter_Emb_CurlyTwigs.png copy



BMU_HolidayLights_EMB_Stars.png copy



Photo Information for Homecoming: Lost in Space

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You brave woman scraplifting one of Brandy's amazing blended layouts! :) This turned out great, too. I love it! Super blending and I love the stars in the background and the beautiful white cluster that looks wonderful with them.

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This is terrific Jaymee! Love the blend but even more I love the sweet cluster with the close ups and how it anchors the space page... Wonderful photos and memories of fun times, great page!

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Wow, wow, WOW! Jaymee! This is awesome and I love the starry, twinkly look to your page. Super photos and great arrangement. Great extraction and wonderful framing and cluster - this is just gorgeous! :)

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This is stunning and I think I'm going to scrap lift you. I love the starry background and the photos are lovely. Great scrap lift.

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