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All I Want For Christmas

Okay, I know this one puts me a whisker-breadth or two over the edge of Crazy Cat Lady-dom. For Phoebe, I'll own it! Every time she heard Tony Bennett crooning "All I want for Christmas," she would become super-snuggly, begging to be held. If I wouldn't pick her up, she would roll around on her perch, making doe-eyes at me. Everyone agreed she was sharing her "All I want for Christmas" interpretive dance. Just like the ASPCA commercial, her best Christmas gift was her loving forever home!


For this layout, I scraplifted Tiza's Color Challenge.




CTH_AltXmas_Paper_Neutral.jpg copy



LLO_FestEleg_Paper_CreamCarols.jpg copy





BMU_AngelDust_EMB_HangingOrn-3.png copy 3






KME_ButterflyFX_Emb_Bow-Yellow.PNG copy 4


SNU_FleaMkt_Emb-WtFlwr.png copy




Caflisch Script Pro






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Jaymee this is wonderful and your cat story made me laugh! I love how you tilted the background pieces and used a musical score as your pretty scallop! Your photos are great and I really love how you can put so many different pieces together so beautifully, you're really a Master at that! :)

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What a cat! Interpretive dance! LOL Beautiful page Jaymee. Love your lush looking LO. Gorgeous title.

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I love the angle you placed everything and your LO is wonderfully rich and glitsy, lots to look at and study! The story of Phoebe is so cute, what a cat!!

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Love your LO! Very visually arresting. Not to worry - there are a lot of us "crazy cat ladies" in the world! :)

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This is so sweet, i love how you have framed the photos of Phoebe, super work on connected the two separate backgrounds with your photos and embellishments, just perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect hihihi

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Absolutely love the tilted angle of your layered papers!! The layering and clustering on this page is perfect! Great work!

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Oh I can so relate! This is outstanding Jaymee! Your Phoebe is gorgeous and I only wish we could see her interpretive dance! I love the multi photos and the layering but the journaling is my favourite. I just wanna give your kitty a big hug!! But then mine would be jealous :-(

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Very pretty! Wonderful tilt and circles, the scalloped music paper lends just the right elegant touch. Phoebe is a lovely kitty - too sweet that she makes doe eyes at you when the song is on, lol! :)

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