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Week 46 November 10-16

Monday morning Annette went into labor! Adeline Rae Thueson was born just after 2 in the afternoon. She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and had the funkiest cone head (more like a flat top with a crease) I've ever seen. Fortunately it changed really fast. She is a darling little baby. They came home from the hospital on Wednesday and I went down to help out. One of their friends dropped pink cupcakes by our house not realizing they had moved. Thursday I took Thomas to a check-up for his toes and dropped by Annette and Mark's afterward. We helped get some more things unpacked and put away. Friday I went to the Dental School for an ortho treatment plan. Cathrine would love to do it.


Thanks for looking! Thomas is smitten with his little niece. Watch for photos of them napping together in upcoming pages. ;)

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OHhhh... One of these photos are are sweeter than the next! I can feel the joy in everyone at the newborn member of your family and I love the different photos you snapped with each person. I especially like Addy's Momma proudly smiling in the background as her sister cuddles the baby and the look on Thomas' face is priceless...

I'd like to comment on the rest of your page, but that adorable little baby takes center stage and all my attention and I can't stop looking at her. Best of luck to all! :)

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How precious she is! I know you're loving every minute of spoiling this sweet little one! I've always loved the smell of a newborn - something angelic about it and little Addy is absolutely adorable April. Congratulations to the new Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa too - btw, what will Addy call you?

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