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february 1st week

february 1st week

The beginning of February we had some gorgeous sunsets over our garden. David brought home a small poster that he placed in the window Rusty often sits under as it looked like Rusty :) Steve sold his moped which had been sitting in our garden with no warrent ect and he got far more than he thought he would. We get quite a few hedgehogs around here but you only hear them not usually see them and this one being so close to the house David got a photo--I think he blinded the poor thing with the camera flash though :)
I used:
MPE_Week 52 template (altered)

    Gorgeous sunset photo! Love your journalling. Thanks for showing off Week 52 Templates!

    I really like the placement of the clover flower from Dandelion Days Collection Biggie tucked behind your photo, along with the blended background paper.  I see you used Photowalk Alpha Mini.  You recolored it a bit and It looks great here!

    Great photos and journaling Jane!   That sunset is gorgeous especially as I'm sitting here now and can barely see out my window for the blizzarding snow.  :(    Thanks for bringing some warmth into my day and wow.   That is SOME hedgehog!   :)

    I love your sign. Lovely sunset and alpha.

    Ahh the poor little hedgehog didn't know what hit him :), pretty sunset...sigh I really want a nice warm sunset ASAP!