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Week 48 November 24-30

Tuesday is grocery shopping day. I took Annette & Addy and we got all the food for Thanksgiving. We combined our groceries in order to spend enough to get a free turkey. Cathrine worked at Mission of Mercy again this year. They give free dental care to those in need. She may be a 4th year dental student, but she spent the day doing "waste management" (taking out the garbage). On Thanksgiving day it felt like I spent more time cooking than usual, but I know I had tons of help. Cathrine invited her friend, Kayla, to join us. After dinner and a walk, I whisked Addy upstairs for a quick photo shoot. I have photos of Annette wearing that cute purple dress. Friday I slept in, but still did a little black Friday shopping with Cathrine. Saturday I met up with Annette and we got a few things at the fabric store.


Thanks for looking! I took photos of her it that little gobbler sleeper she is wearing in her mommy's arms, but I just didn't have room for everything.


Photo Information for Week 48 November 24-30

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Oohhh... It is so sweet to be seeing Addie in your pages now, April! Looks like a family fun and yummy Thanksgiving and week. I really like the background you chose on this layout - looks great!

You are really moving right along, probably by the time I wake up tomorrow you will be finished or almost! :)

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