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Super Ball Sunday

While our Denver Broncos didn't have their best day, we enjoyed a heck of a Superbowl party. We prepared a meatball smorgasbord featuring a variety of wild meats from our freezer--yum!


Oh, and yes, that is me in that young man's arm pit--and I'm 5'4! Both my boys are taller than I am now. They aren't too big to hug their mama, though!












Broncos Logo--National Footlball League



Caflisch Script Pro





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How cute is this! I feel like you should go commercial for some meat ball company-seriously! You look cute all 5'4" under your good looking sons!

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I love this page! So clean and neat. I especially like the arrows with the Bronco's logo, clustered with those great photos! Great use of styles too, to create a cohesive look to your word art and embellishments.

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Lovely page! I like all the different kinds of meatball featured above with your family photos below. Boys do grow fast! The Broncos colors are perfect for your page. I like all the different styles you used, too.

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Great layout, Jaymee - as Elisha said, clean and neat and crisp - a wonderful application of the ad challenge. Love the meatball pictures. I've never sampled those meats, but I did have a reindeer sausage in Anchorage a few years back; it was yummy!

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How funny, Jaymee - Super BALL Sunday - what a fun tradition! Your photos are wonderful but wow, yes! You sure look little besides those fast-growing sons of yours. Lovely work and page. :)

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Not as keen on those exotic meatball flavours as I am on this wonderful page!! The white space and Broncos colours look wonderful and you guys in your guernseys really add to the warm feel. Who cares if you didn't win, you made it to top 2! Fabulous memories!

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Sorry the Broncos had a bad day :( The meatballs look great though!! The photos and colors really pop against the white background. Nice photos of you and your "little" boys too ;) Thanks for joining the challenge.

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