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Week 50 December 8-14

Week 50 December 8-14

We did an early, untested upgrade of the forum this week. I spent most of the time working . I did get to Annette's on Friday for a Christmas photo shoot in the little elf hat I ordered.
Cathrine took the photo of the Christmas lights when she was out with some friends.
Thanks for looking!

    Awwww.....   You little elf made me smile.   Your page and photos are so pretty and you're almost finished with the year!  :)

    How sweet....how on earth did you get that photo? - Jamie always screamed whenever we took his clothes off and would definitely never have fallen asleep in that position!  I can't believe how quickly you're getting these pages done - every time I look on the forum there's more - well done!

    Totally amazing!!!  this is just wonderful!!!!

    You are cranking out the best LOs for Life. Amazing! and I love the little elf photo!

    Anna, the secret to that photo shoot was a down pillow under the blanket. She snuggled right onto it and fell asleep. We also had a blanket over her until she was settled. The other trick is a space heater, but I didn't have one yet when I took these.

    This caught my eye in the gallery... beautiful baby photo. The green of the page really make the elf hat stand out.