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On The Go

On The Go

KMILL_BP_Is_4Quick Page

    I love love love the colors. Great job!

    Very cute!  I like the curved road with the vehicles on it.  The primary colors work great with your photos.  It's great you found a quick page that went perfectly with this challenge.

    Love the stitched strips and the cars on the road - great interpretation of the ad.

    Oh what a fabulous idea to use those curves for the roads!!  I love the little cars driving along it and all those wonderful colors!!  

    I love the way you've used the curve of the paper for a track--very clever!  What a fun layout!

    Great series of photos - love the track and car embellishments.

    Wheee, what a fun layout! Love the goingsomewhere text! Brannt looked to be having a wonderful time riding his trike. The colors are just right for an active little boy. Such a cute page!

    Cute photos and great use of embellishments.  I love all the action and movement on this page.   That lil' guy has a lot of energy and you depicted that so well.  :)

    This is such a great "boy' page! The movement and excitement and the flow of events, it works brilliantly with the framed series.  Love the bright colours and the text paths :-)

    "On the go" for sure!  Great movement on the page.  I like how you lined the photo wave with the roads and cars.   I like the journaling strips too.  Thanks for joining the ad challenge.