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2/10/14 Monday Ad Challenge


Sue Maravelas

2/10/14 Monday Ad Challenge

Joseph is my niece's newborn son.  Isn't he adorable?
Scraplifted from an ad for Benefiber, chosen for 2014-02-10 Monday Challenge
Angie Briggs: Count the Ways Collection Biggie

Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders 4 
Font: Amiable
Curved template made by me using GIMP

    So much to look at and love it all!!  the cluster is wonderful and I am really liking banners now.

    Love the way youve added his name!  Sooo pretty and such lovely photos too.

    Oh this is so nice!!  I love the little cluster on the bottom photo.  I really love those soft sweet colors and the glitter as well.  Fun page!

    This is adorable!  I love the photo strip with the mom/baby photo featured below.  Really neat name art, also.

    What a sweet baby and the pictures are great to look at, love the glitter pieces and his name.

    Beautiful. I love the strip of photos and the banners.

    Cute page - love the tags and the star embellishments.

    Ditto to all of the above.  I love the blending of the background from top to bottom, and the soft colors that let your lovely photos shine.  Beautiful page!

    Great layout! I love the strip of photos and the little pices of glitter and I really like the cluster too in teh right hand corner of your phot.  Great colors. I love it.

    Oh, he is adorable for sure - they all are!   Your photos are so sweet and I love the soft colors you used.   I also really like the curved template you made - it's wonderful and I was all ready to go look for it in the Boutique!   Super work, Sue and what a happy keepsake for the little Joseph.   :)