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christmas biscuites 2013

christmas biscuites 2013

I used:

    What an amazing gift--quite worthy of being memorialized in an equally fabulous layout.  The biscuits are so carefully and elegantly crafted, as is your fantastic background.  The gentle curve mimics starlight in the night sky--artfully done!

    Wow!  what special biscuits. This challenge was perfect for showing off these photos.  You have created a wonderful page. I like the straw peeking out from the bottom of the photos. 

    Love how you "wrapped" the tin!  Dont know as I could bring myself to eat those gorgeous biscuits!  Love the little nativity scene on the bg paper and the bits of straw poking out behind the pics.  Lovely!

    Wow those biscuits are amazing!  I love your background paper and the straw.

    Impressive!  I love the wave of bent frames and how you Isolated one bisquit, enlarged it and featured it in an overlaping rectangular frame.  Not only are the cookies amazing but the container they came is lovely as well. 

    oh, my how wonderful! The pictures of them show clearly and the detail is so amazing. What a nice box they came in. Thanks for sharing this!

    These look too pretty to eat! What a fancy tin they came in, too. I like how you put the photos on a curve and added bits of (stable?) hay behind them. Gorgeous background scene!

    This is so beautiful Jane and those cookies look too good to eat!   I love the background you used and how you even showed the tin.   Lovely work.  :)

    Lovely cookies and beautiful layout to showcase them!  I like the background paper with the blended photo and star as well as the little bits of hay peeking out from under the photos.

    These are the most amazing biscuits!! I have never seen any like them! What a terrific gift to receive.  You have used the multiphoto spaces perfectly and the flow tells the story.  The star in the sky and the raffia and dark paper as the background are perfect.  Lovely job!