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This is the completed invitation for our anniversary reception, a folded one, and an open one.

    It turned out great! I love its simple elegance.

    50 years...congratulations...Great card.

    This looks fantastic. Love that photo.

    Very nice. And I'm sure the rest of the decorations you're planning will turn out as nicely as this did. The "Celebrate" appears to be an embossed stamp, and I like how it shows both folded and open.

    This looks great Ann!  I love how you used your wedding photo and the gold on your card.   I also really like the outside and how it opens to show all the info!   Lovely work - you're on your way!  :)

    This is gorgeous and so professional-looking! Love the artistic effect on the photo of you two. Elegant font, too. So classy!

    Ann, these look good. I like the arrow going through the 50.