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First Ski Classic

This was Zack's first cross country race. He skied in elementary school and liked it, so he decided to try it competitively in middle school. I loved that I got to be there to cheer him on.


I asked if he saw me in the crowd, to which he replied, "I heard you--Everyone heard you."

"Oh, come on, Zack," I said--"Lots of folks were cheering."

"No, just you."

"No, you just heard me because I'm your Mom."

"Well, no offense, Mom, but you really don't need to come to any more of my races."


I have successfully embarrassed my 7th grader! My work here is nearly done! :)



BMU_WintersKiss Collection







Photo Information for First Ski Classic

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Laughing my head off at your journaling! My year 5 asked me last week if I 'have' to talk to random strangers - I said yes. My work is almost done here too :-)

Zack looks so confident on those skis and good on him for having a go and persisting, that is a major value at our school! Your scraplift is just gorgeous and the trees look stunning with your photos - I so love that kit but I have no use for it sadly... I will admire it vicariously through you. Gorgeous page.

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Oh so funny Jaymee and you have me laughing reading your notes! Wow, Zack looks great on those skis and I love the expressions you caught on his face. I really like how you blended one photo and framed and tucked the other in between the birch trees. Your layout is gorgeous! And, "GO Zack!" :)

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LOL. Isn't that our job? To embarrass our children??


Beautiful Jaymee!! I love the trees in the "middle" with the embellishments and photo tucked in. Very visually appealing!

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like how you tucked the 'Z' in with the trees and i have a Zack too (he is grown up and enjoys skiing too) your journaling is hilarious! Go mom and go son!

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