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I think most of the colors are in there somewhere.  Playing around with filters and masks and actions on a chilly Saturday.  Not sure about the results.
Supply list in EXIF properties.

    Oh, this is beautiful Ann!   Your mountain is so pretty and I like how the cabin is in front of it with gorgeous wildflowers showcased.   Your page made me smile in the middle of yet another snowstorm - it's lovely!  :)

    Beautiful mountain photo in the background!  I like treatment on the old cabin, it ties in beautifully with the colorful wildflowers.  I also like the blending around the edge.  Great layout!  Thank you for joining the challenge!

    Stunning job here. I think the way you did this is very creative.

    What a beautiful layout!  I love the combination of the mountain, the flowers, and the cabin.  Bring on the sunshine!

    This is beautiful work for just "playing around!" (And how much fun is that, right?) You've told a story in pictures of a cold, long abandoned cabin in the snowy mountains - but the wildflowers will continue to bloom in spring no matter who is there to see them. Thanks for sharing this - an awesome job!

    Really lovely Ann! I agree with Brenda, the story your page tells is so vivid.  The blending of the images together is so descriptive and the blending is wonderful and almost snow like in it's opacity and swirls... wonderful.

    Beautiful!  I love the photo you used for the background.  Your blending is just lovely.