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18feb14 Tue Freebie chlg

18feb14 Tue Freebie chlg

The freebie has had a hard time.  It has been rotated and colour changed and used as a distant background.  It wasn't intended, it just kinda happened... No freebies were harmed in the making of this page.

    I do like your explanation of what you did with the freebie paper. 

    Nicely done page to show off that photo. I like the twig frame... very effective. 

    This looks fabulous Jody. Love how you explained what you did. Gotta love the old cockatoo.

    hahaha...it took me a minute, but I see it waaaay back there.  That's a really neat picture.  I like how you layers the trees and the different treatments you used.

    At least the freebie police won't have to come visit since you explained yourself so well ....I really like the way you did this...your trees are wonderful and the stick frame for your picture is perfect. The bird is really pretty, I for one appreciate you sharing the photo.

    Great layout Jody.  The photo of the cockatoo is wonderful and I love the twig frame you used.  The trees in the background are great look and add so much to the page.  And I'm so glad that 'no freebies were harmed in the making of this page'. 

    I love  your background and am glad to hear the poor little freebie wasn't seriously harmed. The stick frame is a nice touch to tie the parrot and background together. Neat bird!

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful bird.  I really like the twiggy frame, and the forest you created from the layers of trees.  Isn't digital scrapping wonderful?  You can twist and turn and recolor and layer a paper, and nothing is harmed!  Love your sense of humor, Jody.

    Great photo and lovely page, Jode.  I really like all the texture on your page and the different browns and golds you used.   And the freebie?   You put it to super use and your notes are hilarous and made me laugh ouloud!   :D

    I love your photo and the way that you used the freebie to showcase it.  And, yes, I love your notes.