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ScrapLift 2 21 14 600

ScrapLift 2 21 14 600

I used:
MPE Refreshed Collection
SG Exuberance Collection
I got some inspiration from this beautiful layout Beauty

    What an 'exuberant' photo! Looks like the happiest place on earth. Thanks for showing off the Refreshed Collection, as well as the Scrap It Weekly Collection Mini! I really like how you framed your layout.

    Thanks Marlene for adding the Scrap It Weekly paper info... I can't figure out how to add something if I forget it? The colors went great with my firework pics!

    I love the way you scrap lifted the layout. I also want to scrap lift this one. Pretty photo and colors. 

    You did a wonderful job scraplifting...great photo to use and I love the paint sample. We need to see happy pages like this.

    Fun scraplift! I love the colors and the photo.

    Great scraplift and use of the new kit! Clever!