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21feb14 Fri Scraplift

21feb14 Fri Scraplift

I used this wonderful page by Anna (zebidee75) of her gorgeous son Jamie as my inspiration.  I liked the photo arrangement and the embellishments on the right :-) You 02

    Aw... what a sweet photo of newborn Callan. I wonder if he realized that the snap of the camera would only be the first of MANY, LOL. I love the delightful way you used baby embellishments here yet kept it from being a cliché baby page.

    This is a wonderful page for the begining of his life.

    As usual you have done a  super job. I like how you used the color in the preggie pictures as the brush background because it really ties the whole page together.

    Boy, he was a whopper at 11 lbs and 6 oz! How did he fit in there?!! i have really enjoyed using this baby collection for our new grandbabies as well. like your LO very much!

    This is a beautiful before and after layout.  Look at that sweet, chubby face! I love the distressed look and how the banner and lamb add texture without a lot of extra color.  I am sure you feel so much lighter now after carrying Callan around.

    He was a big baby. Lovely baby page. I like your use of yellow/orange for this. Your journaling is great.  Nicely done scraplift. 

    Wow Jody - this is beautiful!  I love the colour you've used and the delicate embellishments - I almost didn't recognise it as being your layout (tee hee!).  What an honour to be scraplifted - thank you.

    Oh Jode this layout and Callan just makes me smile big.  What a beautiful baby and even though older, I can still reconize the Callan of today!   Your layout is gorgeous and I love how you framed it and the colors and embellishments you used.  I really like how you put this all together - it's precious!   :)

    Love the white and orange background. Wonderful pictures! Great page Jode.

    Just love it, the banner the splashes of color and I <3 belly shots so much!   Great layout!