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Sometimes it just happens! I have been playing with this today and trying out different techniques using Brandy's new Travel Journal Collection. She does such gorgeous travel pages I scanned in some photos and had a play with Ultimate Artist and masking and clustering - this is the result of several pages mixed together, but primarily the marketing images for Travel Journal. THEN the challenge was to lift a creative or design team member, woot woot!!! Thanks Shannon!







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I just knew this was your layout before I clicked on it! I love the colours and the effects on the photo and how you've repeated the embellishment clusters. Superb layout.

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Great emb clustering on this Jody! and I love the techniques and blending you did on the photo and papers!

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Once again an amazing layout. I love it's depth and detail, the palimpsest feel of the large alpha, the grainy top layer and the neutral palette. Wonderful!

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Jode, you really are on a roll with this collection, wow - this is super! Your background blending is superb and I really love your awesome use of color! Fantastic work! :)

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Amazing! How do you do it? Debby's right - the colors are subtle, but the layout is anything but. The torn paper mask over the tan paper is almost aggressive as it explodes outward, but narrows in to highlight the figure on the tower. And as Jean noted, it inspires one to rush right over to the boutique to buy the collection.


Thanks for giving me new goals - I NEED to find some urban travel destinations to photograph!

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