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Saturday color challege

Saturday color challege

Photos from our summer boat cruise last year. Montreal was a wonderful place to spend a few days, we really did enjoy our stay there.
AFT OHD_emb_torn
my mesh

    Great photos! (as always :) ) I like the way you've framed the page. The black makes a great background, and I like the stitching and mesh textures, too. Great page!

    Your photos are wonderful and so interesting.   I like the way yo uframed them and the border and stitching around the page.   Lovely work, Debby. :)

    Good job using the colors from the shoes

    Love the variation between the bright colours and the black... laughing at you not being on the boat and yet scrapping transport! I love that! Wonderful pics and I enjoyed the details :-)

    I enjoy studying your photos. I like the stars and the way you have hung one star on a pic. Looks great.

    Great photos. I love the way you framed them. I really like the background and design.It must be such fun to holiday and cruise on the boat.

    Great photos, I love how you arranged them.  Great choice of papers and embellishments.  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    It is a great collection; neat theme, too. I was in Montreal a few years ago and it really is a wonderful place to visit. I especially like the blue & red paper on the sides - it makes a great frame. Nice wordart, too, I like all the stars.