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Week 9 - 2014

Week 9 - 2014

Used Kit - Sweetness
Quiet week..... 
My electric blanket died and Hammacher Schlemer (SP?) Is replacing it....Thankfully as it is still below Zero here
Kitty kid plates hanging in my kitchen
A girlfriend brought me this Yummy Ice cream treat!!
Sammy's Pizza again
My new glasses...love them they are bigger again....did not like the ones with the teeny tiny lenses....glad that trend is over.
Cali thinks she is invisible....not an easy thing to accomplish when you weigh 28 lbs....she is a Maine Coon  and they tell me their normal weight is 25-30....A Girly girl with Huge feet LOL
started to make changes in my craft room....I have enough card making/stamping supplies to stock a store....one step at a time.....

    Pretty page, Carol.   Your photos are great and your journaling so interesting.  I like how you "wrote" it on the notepaper!   :)

    Great page...great story for the week

    Yup, also got the smaller glasses because my niece said I was old fashioned, glad I can get bigger ones again. What a time for the electric blankie to die. Love your photos, journaling and template.

    I love the lifted folded hearts so cute! Great page!

    Love your page and photos. Especially your journaling. Oh, your craft room looks like mine!