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About Me monthly challenge

When I think of "about me" I'm always reminded that I wouldn't be me if it weren't for my dh who has given me so much over 47 years, so my layout is kind of a combination of about me and about him and about us! LOL

Well, I tried! LOL




SG April 12 Word Art

SNU Altered Art



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Sara this is lovely! Your background is so soft and beautifully blended and I love the pretty colors on your page. I also really like the symbols and word art you used and how you blended them, too. I especially like the strip of color across the top and the numbers down to the bottom. Great layout! :)

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Such sweet journaling - I especially liked the bit about the velcro. Great job with the blending and the banner across the top is a nice touch.

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What a glorious celebration of your life and marriage, Sara! The colors are joyful, your journaling and quotes are meaningful. I love the owl. Wonderful page!

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WOW! This is spectacular, Sara! I can't stop looking at all the amazing details and love the vibrant colors. Your list of favs is wonderful and I love your quote and word art. Amazing!

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I love this one, too! Sara, those bright colors are just so pretty and I love your list. Great textures, too. Wonderful job on this!

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Love the wise old owl! Imagery with the Velcro is fantastic--so awesome when all loved ones are home safe and sound. Great job with the blending and the quotes. Enjoyed studying your page! Wonderful!

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Sara, you did a great job of expressing your love for your husband. I love the colors, words, emblems you used. I agree about the Velcro imagery, and thanks for sharing.

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Sara, this is absolutely stunning. I love how you journaled about you and Rich. You can just see the love and happiness shining through. Love the grungy look.

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Wowie Wow WOW! This is a so wonderfully orchestrated piece of art! Colors are fantastic and so much to see ... you have to look at it several times to catch it all .... just wonderful!

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What a wonderful tribute to yourself in the unique role of police-officer's-wife. The bond you share with your husband, and your deep commitment to love and cherish, even when that leaves your heart so vulnerable, is breathtaking. I offer prayers for you, your husband, every police officer on the front lines of our neighborhoods keeping us safe, and every family member waiting for them to return home safely. Hugs!

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I too have to chime in about the "Velcro" comment, such a great description. This is a beautiful page, from the colors to the butterfly, great composition.

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