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About Me

I started volunteering to be an example to my kids. It became a regular and important part of my life for 15 years and counting.







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What a wonderful "about me" layout! I love the spirit of volunteerism, and your quotes are quite inspirational, as is that amazing smile. Great use of the freebie. Well done!

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I'm not sure where to start...there is so much to love about this! First of all the theme is wonderful (I wish I could volunteer more!), but the textures and colors really caught my eye. Absolutely beautiful!

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This is fabulous and what a legacy for your children! You have done a wonderful job with your blending, textures, quotes, silhouettes, and all the other fascinating things on this LO. Great job!

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Wonderful page in so many ways, Linda! My Mom started us on volunteering as young girls, I still find it hard to accept money for helping! Your photo and treatment is wonderful and I LOVE all the different pieces and textures and colors you used. This is a Masterpiece and stunning page! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Beautiful page, Linda - I love the colors and all of the pieces of your page to look at. I hope you shared this page with your children because it's beautifully done!

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Beautiful, and I really like how you have your portrait shining through. You can see you joy you give and receive through your volunteering.

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