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Banana breakfast Pancakes SG

Banana breakfast Pancakes SG

i used:

    I skipped down to the end...dollops of whipped butter and maple syrup.  This HAS to be fantastic!  Love the card.

    These sound yummy Jane!  I really like the way you have the recipe on the open book in the holder.  Very well done!  Thank you for sharing!

    Yum, yum!  I love bananas and pancakes and can't wait to try these!  Your card is so pretty Jane and I like how you used the book!  :)

    Fun card! Looks like a great recipe.

    What a lovely way to scrap a recipe. Love it.

    wonderful title, font.  Very easy to read!  I like this.

     Oh my . . . I have to make this. Sounds so yummy.  Like the design of your recipe card. will be glad to have it in my collection! 

    Beautiful card, and the recipe sounds really good. Love pancakes!

    Wonderful card design, Jane! The recipe sounds so good too ... can't wait to try!