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Bridge To A castle..

Me and my hubby bin to a castle in Amerongen, a place in the privince Utrecht/The Netherlands

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really neat photos and I am not sure if that is Celtic cording, but it really adds to your LO and just has a rich tapestry look.

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thank you all , here a litle info , but its a Dutch castle..even when you can't see it..only the bridge to it..lol..


Amerongen Castle - info from the net - kasteelamerongen.nl , free to use

The Castle Amerongen was built in 1673 on the site of a previous stronghold that had been burned in 1672 by the French. The current building was designed by the architect Maurits Post as a baroque palace for the owners Godard Adriaan van Reede and his wife Margaretha Turnor. The gardens contain historical elements and the walls predate 1673. In the north-east corner of the gardens is an orangerie dating from the 1880s, and the north wall was raised during the period when Wilhelm II was residing there 1918-1920. He abdicated in Amerongen then moved to Huis Doorn.

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