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My Other Car

I found this license plate on Ebay years ago and it hangs on the bulletin board over my desk. When I saw this challenge this morning, my eyes went straight to the license plate and knew that I had to use a photo of that for the challenge. It's not a real license plate, but I couldn't resist buying it. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies and I have a huge collection of Oz ornaments and statuettes.



Supplies Used:

SNU Oz Collection -- Paper, Witch Legs Frame colored using DEB SSTools Styles Verdigris 5101_3

SNU Spellbound Collection -- Owl

JRA Spooksville Collection -- Broom, Tree, Witch

EBA Nevermore Collection -- Raven

JCO A Happy Haunting Collection -- Word Art

TYO AYO Halloween Bear -- Butterfly Wings Purple

GWH Googly Halloween Collection -- Moon


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Oh Carol, this is great! I really love your sense of humor and you made me smile. Your license plate is wonderful (coming from another Wizard of Oz fan!) and your background is perfect! I just love this page - it's creative and awesome! :)

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Carol, this is stunning. I love the tree, witch in front of the moon and parking space for brooms only. What a fun layout. Just perfect.

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That is just so funny! I love the witch on the broom stick and how you've created the tree with the birds in - what a fun page.

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BAHAHAHA!!!! Carol you are HILARIOUS!!! This has me grinning from ear to ear, what a crack up! Love the tree and witchypoo in front of the moon and the legs under your license plate.... still laughing here!

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Carol, you are so funny! This page really made me smile - so many fun things to discover in this layout!

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