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Oddball Challenge Attitude Adjustment

Oddball Challenge  Attitude Adjustment

Anyone who knows me at all knows I love my boat! It is my favorite way to get around. I had  a good time making all the embellishments for this page. I made my passport green so it would fit with the green part of the challenge. "Boating is Life" is my motto. Now we just need to move someplace where we can use it more than 5 months of the year.

    What a fun page!  I like the photo of your boat.  How cool that you made all the embellishments!  I wondered what country had a green passport, but I read you turned it green.  It's fun that your journaling is right over the title.  

    This is so cool Debby!  I really like all the green and being able to see such a great shot of the "Attitude Adjustment"!    Super journaling and wonderful layout.   :)

    How fun!  What a lovely page.  I like the framed photo and the fun travel embellies!  

    Gorgeous photo and I love how you framed it.  I agree, I could spend a long time boating around - wish I could get back to it but it doesn't really go well with a young family!

    Come down here!!! You can boat most of the year!!! And if I am really lucky you might take me with you?? heehee.. Wonderful photo and the green embells really make it shine... lovely lovely page!

    Beautiful boat, Debby! I could definitely get my attitude adjusted on this cruise!! Beautiful layout. I especially like how you did your journaling over top of your title. Very smart!!

    Not surprised to see your boat for this challenge Debby, I expected it!!  Great photo with an amazing background...love those trees growing out of the cliff!   I like journaling over your title-very effective.  I'm with Lei...I could get my attitude adjust on that boat!  Thank you for participating!

    What a fantastic way to spend the summer!  Gorgeous photo!  I agree with Lei, clever way to journal.