Reality Squared

You can read here about one technique I used on this page.



This is just one of the many interesting sculptures at the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens. (July 2010)


Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Value Pack: Reinvent

Durin Eberhart: Just Before Dawn Collection Biggie

Durin Eberhart: Gesso 2 Paper

Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Wooden Biggie 8501

Brandy Murry: Dynamic Brush Set: Bokeh 8501

Brandy Murry: Brush Set: Sun Bursts


© Sue Maravelas

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Holy Green!!! wow does this stand out in the gallery??!!!. Really cool. I love the lesson on the I have to go play thank you.

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Such a cool photo and page and I love all the green, Sue! And thanks for the 1T - it was very helpful and interesting to read. :)

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