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No doubt my favorite mode of transportation...and look at all that green. This was the last regular play day for my women's golf club last fall, and the temp never got above 39 degrees!  What a bunch of die hard golfers!
Supply list in EXIF properties.

    This is great! Die hard for sure! I like the Title style as well as the blending for the background.  Beautiful page and the "green" is lovely!

    You made me smile - we have trouble getting my FIL off the golf course!  Love the blending on your layout and the alphas you've used - great layout.

    Great blending Ann. Fabulous LO. Smiles all around for the photo and LO.

    your BG blending is perfect with the photo. Great LO :)

    Great blending, Ann. Great photo and design ... beautiful layout!!

    39 degrees and golf???  You must be a die hard fan!  Amazing blending Ann.  Great layout...I just love everything about it!

    You are brave! love the perfect golfing title and your photo --wonderful pun 'Fore'ever Golfing!

    What a great take for the transportation challenge...and natural green. I love what you did with this page. Great photo too.

    Wow you all are quite brave!   I like your photo and transportation, Ann and your layout looks great!  :)

    lol...that's a TRUE golfer!  I love the wordart you chose and all the blending.