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March 2014 Art Journaling Chat "Purple"

March 2014 Art Journaling Chat "Purple"

Here's my Art Journaling Color page for the Art Journaling Chat found HERE and it's about -- what else?  PURPLE!   I looked up facts and meanings about the color, then started to journal as IF I were purple.   As I was starting to put it all together, I realized that writing about purple was a lot like writing about me.
Journaling reads:
"I am regal… I am elusive…  I am rich and full of color & dark and moody…  I am graced with spirit and peace, yet chaotic and full of contradiction.  
I am strong in purpose and delicate in nature...  I am born of the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red & melt their cool, centered calm and focused, dynamic movement into inspiration and imagination…    I am artistic and creative.
I am sharp in self-awareness and psychic ability…  I am your third eye and 7th Chakra & bring knowledge, wisdom and understanding to your Spiritual Self…   I am balanced and connected to universal sources of energy…    I strive to heal, to enlighten, to soothe….   I am embodied with good judgement yet magical and mysterious…  I am mournful, deep and ambiguous…   I am wise, exotic and romantic...
I am heather,  sweet plums, eggplant  and summer sunsets.
I am violet, plum, lavender, lilac, puce, thistle, orchid, mauve, magenta, royal, amethyst, wine, pomegranate, eggplant or mulberry…
I am purple…."
For this layout I used:
BMU SS Embellishment Templates: Art Doll
JSM SS Type Paths: Shapes Plus
ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows 
SJO Cabana Paper Solids 
SNU SS DLO Templates: Art Journal
BVA SS Paper Templates: Bokeh Blur (retired)
LCO Marbelized Paper  (retired)
LCO Flowers For Mom Papers  (retired)  
Internet Images

    I love the beautiful colors and great journaling!

    Oh how cool! I am heading to the chat now.

    I love the colors and the journaling. Stunning page. Thanks for a great chat Marilyn. 

    Love, love, love it! Great inspiration...now off to ponder for a day or so before I dive in. Loved the chat, wish I could have stayed longer.

    Terrific idea, writing as if you & the colour are one.  I'm inspired! 

    I watched this page come together and I watched you struggle with it, then it just seemed to click! The journaling which you intended to describe purple does indeed describe you which is soooo cool... what a great theme.  Your purple and blend of red/blue to get purple is so striking, it really glows.  It IS rich and royal and regal... just superb.

    Purple is indeed you! Very descriptive page and I especially like how you combined red and blue. Terrific page!

    Love this, especially the laser-beam journaling! Perfect!

    Great page with fantastic coloring. Loved reading the "purple" journaling and really like all the imaging. Great job.

    I love the colours and a very 'regal' looking page :) Fabulous blending..awesome :)