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Tues freebie challenge march 25 2014

Tues freebie challenge march 25 2014

DGS recently celebrated his 9th birthday with a birthday doughnut instead of cake.
Time flies!
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    Great page Diane! I love how you used the freebie and your GS is certainly a cutie - great photo! I love the fun colors you used for the background too.

    How smart Diane. I love how you made the 9 it's own color.. Fab photo too. Gorgeous colors.

    Great photo.  What do you mean . . . you can't get pictures of your grandchildren?  This is precious.  And what a great background to a colorful photo.  

    This is great, Diane!   Your photo is adorable (I thought you were going to count 9 chocolate donuts at first!) and I really like the happy grin on that sweet 9-year old's face.  Super way to use the freebie to show his age and your colorful background makes such a cheerful page.   Thanks for joining the challenge.   :)

    A birthday doughnut is a fun idea!  I like how you colored the nine only to highlight his age.  Cute page!