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March 25th - Fun In The Wood Shop

March 25th - Fun In The Wood Shop

I wasn't sure about this fitting with the freebie, but this is what I ended up with.

    I love how you have incorporated the different wood 'styles' in your layout.  By using the window looking out into the garden it gives the feeling of actually being in the wood shop.  Clever!

    This is wonderful! I love the photo and the different wood elements that look like they were created in "wood shop". You made a delightful vignette... especially with the glimpse outside.

    Wow, do those too look like they're ready for fun!  (or trouble!!!)  Your photo is great and I like how you used the freebie as a wooden creation in the wood shop.   Wonderful page, Joyce and thanks for joining the challenge.   :)

    I like this page a lot Joyce! I love how you combined the wood elements to create a vignette. Very clever use of the freebie!

    What a great way to use the freebie!  Very creative!  I like all the different ways you used wood on your page, and your photo is really fun, too!

    Love the window and outdoor photo. Clever use of the freebie.

    Very unique way to use the freebie...great job. I love all the different woods you used.So creative.